Chaz Feizipour is an Associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild.  He has worked with our company since 2012.  We are very happy and proud to have such a gifted talent working along with us.  Following are some comments our customers have said to us about Chaz and his work.


  “Dear Mr. Schaeffer, Just a note to tell you how much we appreciate ChazFeizipour tuning our piano.  He has taken great care of our piano!  It is a pleasure to play.”

— Anne in Olney


  “Chaz is a very skilled tuner who is considerate, polite and dependable.  He has a fine ear.  As a music teacher, his skill is something I greatly appreciate.”

— Toshi, DC

  “I bring Chaz the oldest, broken-set ricketiest pianos, and he consistently makes them the best they can be.”

— Justin, DC


Chaz did a great job today on my baby grand piano, I was so happy and I couldn't stop playing for +3 hours after he left. The true bonus was that he played Debussy after tuning as a test drive, which made my day:) Thank you so much!

— Misato, Silver Spring


In addition to all his technical skills, Chaz plays, composes and teaches piano.